The tueek project is an anonymous and decentralized profile manager aimed at providing a personalized experience when interacting with the internet while insuring the users’ privacy. This includes websites, apps and any network connected devices. No identifier such as personal name, email address, phone or location is ever required. We do not track any users activity and the entire process works without leaving cookies on servers or computers.

Benefit to the developer:

  • Get preferences from all users, even if they never used your app before
  • You receive full profiles but can request additional tueeks directly from the users
  • You improve your users experience
  • You deliver personalized content
  • There is no need to manage user accounts

Benefits to the user – customization – personalization – privacy:

  • You can inform any server of the things you are interested in AND NOT INTEREST IN
  • You can define parameters and/or use keywords to inform the websites and apps. Those keywords are called tueekIns and tueekOuts
  • No need to login anywhere. No need to provide any identifiers such as name, email, phone or location. We don’t allow any third party to collect such information either
  • Profiles are decentralized and portable, they can be set on multiple devices, even temporarily
  • You can set multiple profiles depending on your mood or current activity, e.g. fun, work, at home, mobile…

Examples of use:

  • Surfing the web, using apps on mobile devices. Websites and apps will be informed of the users preferences
  • Setting a tueek profile temporarily in an hotel room. Movies, music, room temperature, lighting, etc… can be set automatically
  • Same benefits when setting a temporary tueek profile during a flight
  • Home automation
  • Possibilities are endless